Cruise GMT Mapper

Use this interface to produce a pre-configured cruise plot, for the CCE LTER Process Cruises. Select options and cruise and click "Plot" to download a PDF.

Base Map Region

Coastline Only
Contour (Monochrome)
Bathymetry (2-minute grid)
Bathymetry (30-second grid)
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Coastline and bathymetery data available from
130° W to 108° W and 22° N to 50° N

Points of Interest

CalCOFI Stations NDBC Buoys
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CCE Cardinal Stations Misc. Stations
SCCOOS Stations Landmarks
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Cruise CTD Casts

CCE-P0605 CTD Stations CCE-P0704 CTD Stations
CCE-P0810 CTD Stations CCE-P0904 CTD Stations
SEAPLEX-0908 CTD Stations CCE-P1106 CTD Stations
CCE-P1208 CTD Stations CCE-P1408 CTD Stations
CCE-NH1414 (SKrillEx 1) CTD Stations CCE-SP1510 (SKrillEx 2) CTD Stations
CCE-P1604 CTD Stations  
Cruise Mocness Tows

CCE-P0605 Mocness Tows CCE-P0704 Mocness Tows
CCE-P0810 Mocness Tows CCE-P1106 Mocness Tows
CCE-P1208 Mocness Tows CCE-P1408 Mocness Tows
CCE-NH1414 (SKrillEx 1) Mocness Tows CCE-SP1510 (SKrillEx 2) Mocness Tows
CCE-P1604 Mocness Tows  
Cruise MVP Casts

CCE-NH1414 (SKrillEx 1) MVP CCE-SP1510 (SKrillEx 2) MVP
CCE-P1604 MVP  
Cruise Seasoar Tracks

CCE-P1106 Seasoar CCE-P1208 Seasoar
CCE-P1408 Seasoar  

This interface uses GMT v4.1.1 with the following data files:

  • Bathymetry and Coastline Files
  • cce2min.grd - 2-minute resolution Long/Lat/Elevation data for the CCE region, in the GMT-compatible grid format. Originally obtained from the National Geophysical Data Center's Global Relief page.
  • coastline.txt - CCE region coastline and islands as a series of decimal Long/Lat points. Islands and coastline are separated with a comment (#) character. Originally obtained from the National Geophysical Data Center's Global Coastline Extractor page.
Cruise Data - Cruise specific points can be found on their respective cruise pages.