Below are videos for the CCE LTER research project. The videos are products of various Outreach projects, research documentation or other activities. The videos are also available for viewing at the CCE LTER Youtube Channel

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MOCNESS strobe light, nighttime

The MOCNESS with the strobe light at top during a night time tow. M. Ohman, photographer

MOCNESS recovery

The MOCNESS is recovered alongside the ship, showing the strobe light along the top, during the P1408 CCE LTER Process Cruise. M. Ohman, photographer

MOCNESS strobe light, daytime

A strobe light placed at the top of the MOCNESS during a daytime net tow. M. Ohman, photographer

Fiddlin' Dave and the Bulkheads

The 2014 CCE LTER Process Cruise participants were treated to a concert on the back deck by Fiddlin' Dave and the Bulkheads. C. Finnell, photographer